Gonna Be Played, On My Broadcast.

Ankommet Her På Radioen.

Receive Here On The Radio.




Russell Joslin – Hey Mathematician

Ad Vanderveen – Worlds Within

Lynne Hanson – Uneven Ground

Hillcrest 83 – Hillcrest



Jan Daley – The Way Of A Woman

Joseph Eid – Watch It Fall

Geoff Alpert – Open Your Heart

Kaurna Cronin – Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness

Ani DiFranco – Binary

Alex Lopez – Is It A Li

Aaron English – American



West Of Eden – No Time Like The Past A Collection

Born 53 – A Talent Unrecognized

Annie Gallup – Lucy Remembers Her Father


Elias Krell – As Eli

– Eve Sessions

June Star – Sleeping With The Light On


Sandra Marielle – Six Stories Seven Years

Gus McKay – Talisman

Doug Schmude – Ghosts Of The Main Drag

– Reach For The Stars

Blind Lemon Pledge – Backwoods Glance

Kenny White – Long List Of Priors

Susan Kane – Mostly Fine


Carrington MacDuffie -Rock Me To Mars

Judy Kass- Beyond The Ash & Steel

LL Goat – LL Goat

Bev Grant – It´s Personal

Bobbo Byrnes – Motel Americana

Cary Morin – Cradle To The Grave

Angus Crowne & The Family Jewels

Erik Lundgren – Door Dwellers

Hometown Marie – Wild Side

Lathouwers & Barbier – No Time For Rock’N’Roll

People vs Larsen – Loving Losing

Urban Desert Cabaret – Shadow Of A Ghost

Steve Mednick – Root Of The Sun

Steve Mednick – The Ceremony Of Innoncenc

Scott Smith – The Sum Of Life

Scott Smith – The Sum Of Life

Mark Ripp & The Confessors – Under The Circumstances

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion – This Is The Life I Choose



Husky Tones – Who Will I Turn To Now

Son Of The Velvet Rat – Dorado



Jardier – Jardier

Will T Massey – 30 Years In The Rearview

Jon Strider – Soul Reunion

Lowlands & Friends Play Townes Van Zandt’s Last Set

Anton Walgrave – Where Oceans Meet

Steve McNaughton  Eagles Aloft



Surrender Hill – Right Here Right Now

Michael Lanning – Words Should Mean Something

Michael Lanning – Modern Sounds In Love & Cynicism

Eileen Kozloff – Just Words

Miss Tess – Baby, We All Know

Lorin Hart – Love Come Back

Kurt Deemer Band : Gaslight

Johanna Lillvik – Johanna Lillvik

John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon – To The River

Deni Bonet – Bright Shiny Objects

Bob Cheevers – 50 Years – A Semi Century Of Songwriting

Kelly’s Lot – Bittersweet

Hat Check Girl – Two Sides To Every Story

Steve Brooks – I’ll Take You Home

Wendy Webb – Step Out Of Line

Runaway Horse – Beautiful Blue

Jude Johnstone – A Woman’s Work

The Furious Seasons – Look West

Citizen K – Our Town

Vinny Fazzari – Live Life Long

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch – Champagne Velvet

Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel – You Belong Here

Brian Cullman – New Year’s Eve

Backtrack Blues Band :-Way Back Home

Travis Green – A Litte Too Late